Why a Change of Venue

We know you are as frustrated as we by a change of venue from Sleepy Hollow High School to a less convenient location.  It happens when the concert date conflicts with a Sleepy Hollow High School use of the auditorium such as a student musical.

We use high school auditoriums because they have the right size and free parking and are affordable.  We and our audiences have been delighted with the modern Kusel Auditorium at Sleepy Hollow High School; its acoustics, layout, and backstage accommodations for our artists really are excellent.

Most artists of the caliber we present set their own schedules more than a year in advance. We must contract with them that early and commit to a date. The school system does not finalize its calendar until late spring at the earliest for the following school year. Each year we consult with them about our plans and try to avoid dates that appear problematic, but sometimes the school system will preempt a spring date in what for us is the last minute. The administration does attempt to respect our schedule but, in the end, the needs of their students must come first. 

Normally this has worked well. When it has not, we have changed locations rather than change a date that subscribers already have in their calendars or an artist or ensemble that they wished to hear. We have been fortunate in being able to switch to another high school that was not all that far from SHHS, and have tried to provide clear travel directions in our newsletter, on our website, and in e-mail blasts.

We know that for many these changes cause real difficulties.  We will continue to try our best, but sometimes it just can’t be helped.